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What can we learn from the Strathmore College breach?

You may have heard me say before that your cybersecurity is only as strong as your team.

And your team is made up of real humans with real imperfections that like to show up when it’s a real problem.

Take a look at what happened at the Melbourne-based Strathmore College, which accidentally released more than 300 student records on the school’s intranet.

These records contained medical and mental health evaluations along with lists of medications that students were taking at the time and stayed public for about a day before the data breach was discovered.

Now, you might be wondering who would do such a thing to students?

(I know I did when I first heard about it.)

But an investigation by the Australian Department of Education revealed that the most likely cause?

Simple human error.

The school’s principal assigned extra professional development days to their staff so that it never happened again — but by then, students and parents had lost a lot of trust in their institution.

It’s not always the malicious data breaches that hurt the most.

In fact, sometimes these situations sting a little extra because of how completely avoidable they were.

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