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What Can We Learn From The Sony Hack?

It was an international scandal that had the FBI pointing fingers at North Korean hackers, and it all started with?a Seth Rogen movie?

Back in 2014, just before Sony was set to release the controversial comedy “The Interview,” the studio suffered a data breach that would change Hollywood forever.

Hackers stole up to 100 terabytes of confidential information and slow-drip released most of it to the public in a successful attempt to sabotage the film’s release.

It was an attack that exposed the personal records and correspondence of tens of thousands of employees and ultimately lost the company tens of millions of dollars and top executives.

Investigators reported that the leak occurred when hackers stole the credentials of a single systems administrator, giving them broad access and the opportunity to install malware.

The malware they used collected and transmitted other passwords within the system.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Security experts were quick to point out that a more layered approach to password protection, encryption, etc. could have prevented the leak.

But they were also quick to note that MANY companies don’t invest in what they view as “extra” protection.

Your cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest link — and for most companies, that’s A LOT weaker than you might think.

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