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What Can We Learn From The HBO / GoT Episodes Leak?

Fire-breathing dragons, powerful supernatural forces, and millions of ice zombies nearly took down all of Westeros?

But the biggest problem for Game of Thrones actually turned out to be its third-party providers (aka the entities loosely tied to but not directly involved with the show).

Its final season started off with a bang when the first two episodes were accidentally released online by some of HBO’s distribution partners.

Week by week, more problems piled up and there’s a clear reason why:

Unlike many other streaming services (such as Netflix or Hulu), HBO relies primarily on outside services to deliver its content to consumers.

And with the 2015 release of HBO Now, the network promised to release content on an international scale at the same instant.

But in order to do that, international partners need to access the episodes in advance for programming.

That little bit of lead time is what allows for potential leaks to occur and sparked debate among execs — was offering that convenience worth risking their confidentiality?

A careful evaluation of your partners and vendors cybersecurity can be critical to your business, and we would love to help you gain understanding and confidence about the third-parties and service providers that you’re working with.

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