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What Can We Learn From The Equifax Breach?


Those were the rough odds that you may have been one of the over 145 million Americans whose sensitive information was stolen in the Equifax data breach.

With nearly half of the country suddenly compromised, lawmakers rushed to pass new legislation about credit freezes and identity theft, while the credit reporting company lost MAJOR credibility with its consumers and the CEO stepped down.

He had often bragged that the company held almost 1,200 times the amount of data stored in the Library of Congress.

But investigations showed that under his leadership, the credit giant had failed to fix known-vulnerabilities that Homeland Security had been warning about for months.

And the real kicker came from the systems monitoring device for that vulnerability, which had been out of commission for over a year and a half thanks to an expired security certificate.

If you’re reading this right now and thinking that these problems sound preventable, then you’re 100% right.

Staying on top of updates and understanding how to proceed when vulnerabilities are exposed is CRITICAL to the security of your organization’s information.

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