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Ransomware Attack

Imagine sitting down at your computer to work, and suddenly, your screen freezes.

A pop-up appears telling you you’re locked out.

Hackers have taken control of your entire organization’s computers and won’t unlock them until you pay a fee.

This is a Ransomware attack, and I’ve experienced it firsthand.

It’s a cyber hostage situation, and while it’s not quite as scary, it’s certainly disempowering. A computer virus infiltrates your organization’s computers — usually from an employee clicking on an email link — and locks data away until you pay. Many times, companies have no choice but to pay the ransom and move on.

When it happened at the Fortune 500 company I was working for, we ended up being able to unlock the computers without giving in to the hackers’ demands — but it took two days.

That’s a huge hit to productivity (and morale)!

You don’t have to wait for a Ransomware attack to take preventative steps AND get informed about the common indicators to look out for.

If your organization needs support in shoring up cybersecurity, Mar-Dat Advisors can help.

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