THE CHALLENGE: Skyworks hired Sandler, a global training company, to educate senior sales executives on the Salesforce Enterprise CRM. Unfortunately, the training couldn’t happen until the company got Salesforce up and running. This proved difficult because the company’s administrator was not properly
trained and had little bandwidth to learn. Complicating matters, Skyworks executives had trouble understanding the benefit of implementation.

THE APPROACH: To solve the multi-faceted issues, Mar Dat addressed the challenges facing people, processes, and technology. Our approach started by clarifying the needs and actions of their Salesforce administrator and then provided a playbook of applicable cases/best practices through the lens of managing tools/processes priorities. To integrate custom apps into Salesforce, we looked at data integrity on a weekly basis with stakeholder communications and training.

THE RESULT: We delivered a fully functional Salesforce enterprise CRM with integrated custom applications and accurate data synchronization. Mar Dat also handed over an organizational backup approach, GDPR compliance, and a complete playbook to bolster training initiatives.