Sigura Water (Solenis)

THE CHALLENGE: Sigura Water, once a part of a multi-billion dollar multinational, was sold to a private firm as a carve out. It faced a difficult task: Standup a full IT capability—including a new SAP ERP instance, cloud infrastructure, and Salesforce Sales Cloud. Complicating matters, the new company’s IT team hadn’t been finalized and the effort involved three global companies and multiple business functions—making stakeholder management highly complex.

THE APPROACH:  Working closely with C-level executives, our senior leaders spearheaded efforts throughout the design and implementation process. By using foundational principles and best practices, we established a detailed implementation program including management routines, technical configurations, success metrics, a consistent cross-organizational RACI, and executed detailed plans to deliver the new infrastructure and ERP including data migration, validation, and UAT sign-off.

THE RESULTS:  The new company successfully implemented a new SAP ERP platform, cloud infrastructure, WAN/LAN migration, and critical applications such as Salesforce Sales Cloud and ServiceNow, all populated with historical data and with clear ownership and routines.