Mar Dat, a marketing technology and data consultancy is excited to announce the release of a groundbreaking jobs program called Evolution U. Its purpose is to fast-track and accelerate the career paths of both young and seasoned professionals. The program offers flexibility and is designed as an alternative to traditional roles available out of college or for those contemplating retirement.For young professionals unsure of their next step or people nearing the end of their career and in transition, Evolution U offers a 16-week paid “out- ternship.” Unlike an internship, this role will expose and train workers on new digital marketing practices, Salesforce platforms and emerging AI technologies use cases like Einstein. Working alongside experts and mentors they’ll be immersed in the latest marketing software as well as data strategies and AI tools. Those selected for Evolution U will master how to incorporate this knowledge into their daily lives to allow for increased output, higher-level thinking, and enhanced job satisfaction. At the end of the program, selected participants will be offered a position at Mar Dat or assisted in securing positions at other marketing agencies/consultancies.
Evolution U

Meet The Graduates

Kalpana Chauhan

“I’m a curious person and enjoy learning skills that will broaden my credentials. I especially like collaborating with experts in the field”, said Kalpana. “When Love reached out to me about this position at Mar Dat through Evolution U, I was ecstatic.” Since starting her out-ternship role she’s grown from simply being a Salesforce Admin to becoming proficient in deploying multiple types of integrations within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. “I’m over the moon”, says Kalpana. “There’s something new to be excited about every day. I cannot thank Love enough for this incredible opportunity. Evolution U has literally changed my career trajectory and given me renewed purpose.”

Glen Caruso

“I had spent a 38 years doing high-level software sales to the C-suite and just got burnt out,” says Glen. “I was at the end of my career but wanted to stay relevant in the martech space and learn new skills. The Evolution U opportunity came up at just the right time. It's allowed me to broaden my knowledge and keep me motivated by letting me work on new, interesting projects. For instance, I’ve gotten to learn the business of podcasting with a new program we are launching here called ‘Mar Dat Chat’. It’s designed to disseminate best practices in martech and data among the CMO, CTO, CIO audience.”

Lois Songster

“I cannot thank Love enough for giving me hands-on training – especially at the scale that Mar Dat is deploying with their corporate and enterprise marketing efforts”, said Lois. ” I had never thought I’d be learning this side of the business at this high of a level. The expertise I’ve gained has opened the door to a lot of opportunities. Opportunities that I wouldn’t normally have as a young professional. Love has become my mentor and has shown me first-hand her executive leadership skills. I’m modeling my own business persona and style based on what I am learning from her here at Mar Dat."    Love couldn't agree more. “I saw a special drive and ambition in Lois. Just from talking to this young lady, I knew she could do the job. Lois has executed projects extremely well and is a fast learner. She adds value to the team and is a delight to work with each day. Not to mention that her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious.”   Lois sums it up by saying, “There’s creativity in anything you do. In terms of marketing, creative solutioning is derived from a creative mindset. I think my artistic abilities allow me to see the holistic picture. Choosing specific verbiage and imagery is critical for the proper positioning of a brand. I learned to combine and balance my skill in design with marketing and technology. This new knowledge makes me so excited about my career, where I can go, and what I can achieve. The Evolution U jobs program has been a career changer for me.”

Daisy Goswell

“It’s exciting to be immersed in the field of holistic marketing. My job is to write about all the developments happening that marketers and technologists should be aware of to make their business better”, says Daisy. “My work helps position Mar Dat as a thought leader across many verticals. On a larger scale, what I’m doing is helping to propel the industry forward.”   When Daisy talks about the opportunity that Love and Mar Dat’s Evolution U program has given her, she beams with pride. “Mar Dat is a boutique firm doing enterprise-level work for marketers. Everyone on the team is supportive and we pull together to get the job done. Plus, I feel blessed to be working for Love because she gives honest feedback in a constructive manner. This makes me a better writer and designer. She isn’t just my boss; Love is my ally and mentor helping me craft my long-term career path of owning my own company. I want to inspire and grow people like Love does with her team.”

Jess Johnson

Jess left Oracle when they deprecated the platform. “It was then that I started to investigate the field of analytics because I wasn’t sure if programmatic was where I wanted to be long-term”, says Jess. “I found data fascinating but no one would hire me if I had no real-world experience. When Love found out, she told me about Mar Dat’s Evolution U initiative. She said that this job program would give me a chance to handle analytics. I could get extra certifications as a perk of the role, too. This was a game changer.”   Eventually, Jess’ role at Mar Dat grew to include not only analytics projects but expanded to project management. “The best part was that I got to work deeply within Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Marketing Cloud Intelligence platforms”, recounts Jess. “Not to mention becoming adept at using Smartsheet. All of these are robust SaaS tools that many large companies rely on to get business done. The training and experience of working within the platforms have been invaluable to my career growth and trajectory. Not to mention, providing me with personal satisfaction. I love it at Mar Dat.”   Jess explains how much the Mar Dat opportunity has meant to her. “Love Hudson-Maggio has been a transformative figure in my life”, says Jess. “She cares about her people and invests her precious time to learn what you like and what you don’t. Love wants her team working on projects meaningful to them and those that offer growth potential.”