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If You Aren’t Using Email Marketing, Here’s Why That Needs to Change

The possibilities with digital marketing are endless and they only become more complex the deeper you dive. Business owners are often overwhelmed by having too many options when it comes to the type of the campaigns available. At Mar Dat, we are experts in all the avenues a marketing campaign can take you and we are here to help you determine which features will have the best ROI for your business and industry.

One of the most solid foundational pieces for a well-rounded digital strategy is email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of marketing that targets a list of customers and/or prospects with helpful information about your business, new product announcements, updates about loyalty programs and incentives, and more. There are many platforms out there today to help you manage your email marketing campaigns including popular platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact. These platforms provide valuable analytics that can help you understand customer and prospect behavior, allowing you to further refine other types of campaigns including paid advertisements.

How Does Email Marketing Improve Overall Digital Strategy?

Email marketing is a versatile tool to have in your digital wheelhouse, as it allows you to connect with customers at the top of the funnel and begin to nurture a relationship with the customer, and ideally, generate repeat business. There are numerous benefits to incorporating email marketing including:

  • Low Costs
  • Measurable Results
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Increased Revenue
  • Simple to Manage
  • Improved Sales Process
  • Enhanced Customer Service

What Types of Emails Should You Be Sending?

The wonderful thing about email marketing is that it is a solution that has something for everyone. When new people sign up for updates on your website, they get a welcome email. If customers abandon their cart, hit them with an abandoned cart email.

No matter what your goals are or what announcement you need to make, email is the perfect way to communicate with your audience.

There are several types of emails you should be sending to your database, depending on their stage in the customer journey, and these include:

  1. Welcome: From the first interaction, you want to make an impression on your audience. By having a place for customers to sign up for updates on your website, you have the chance to send a welcome email, and even begin a nurture stream that introduces the contact to your company over a series of emails. A welcome email can also be triggered after someone makes his/her first purchase on your website.
  2. Curated Content: One of the foundations of good email marketing is curating content that speaks to your audience on subjects and/or products that they care about. Curated content can be updates on anything from the latest trends going on in your industry to a selection of new content that you have created for your website or social platforms.
  3. New Products: Strategically emailing your database when you are announcing a new product is a surefire way to increase conversions and brand awareness. A new product email campaign can also be a way for you to give loyal customers a “sneak peek” at the new items and provide a window where they can pre-order the product at a special price.
  4. Abandoned Carts: There are many reasons why someone chooses to abandon a shopping cart. One of the best ways to reel a customer back in though, is with an abandoned cart email. Continuing to maintain communication can remind customers about your brand and the products they were interested in purchasing.
  5. Progress: Progress emails are applicable depending on the industry you are in and products you sell. In general, customers respond well to progress reports that show them that the changes they have made are making a difference, they are reaching a goal, or working towards something bigger. An example would be a clean skincare company whose goal is to reduce plastic waste, and sending an email to customers to share how their purchase is helping to achieve that goal.
  6. Confirmation: Confirmation emails are one of the simplest, yet most important emails to send to customers. A confirmation email communicates to the customer that they have successfully subscribed to your mailing list, that you have received their order, and that their order has shipped. It is a basic email in the marketing chain, but vital to build trust in your brand.
  7. Newsletters: Newsletter emails are a great way to regularly update your database with company announcements, links to new blogs, and a great place to feature customer reviews, or honor special customers or employees.
  8. Special Offers: Whether it is the holiday season, or you are running a limited time promotion, special offer emails provide you the chance to engage with existing and potential customers, and entice them into a new purchase by providing them with a discount.
  9. Milestones: A milestone email is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of your company and make the customer feel like they are truly part of that journey. They can also accomplish a dual task and feature a special offer in honor of the occasion, such as 25% for 25 years of being in business.
  10. Review Requests: One of the many avenues that people go down before purchasing from a company is reading customer reviews. Positive and honest reviews are one of the best ways to increase engagement with your brand and create loyal customers. Not all customers will automatically write a review, even after an excellent experience, so creating an email for review requests is a great way to solicit reviews. Offering a discount code for their next purchase in exchange for a review is also a strategic way to offer something of value to the customer. Soliciting reviews is also an opportunity to interact with customers whose experience may not have been good and be able to work through their grievances to find a resolution.

Regardless of what type of email you send, email marketing is an important component of any well-rounded marketing strategy. Email marketing is better for acquisition than other channels such as social media, it is cost-effective, allows for personalization, and provides measurable results.

Mar Dat offers a variety of consulting services and we are excited to collaborate with you on an email marketing campaign that produces sustainable results for your business and a consistent customer experience. Schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with our experienced team today.

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