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Holiday Offerings: What Products Should You Sell This Season?

Holiday shopping is already in full swing this season and shoppers are eagerly making lists of all the best places to shop based on the items they need and the sales being promoted.

With the ecommerce landscape being more competitive than ever, you must offer a wide variety of products that meet consumers’ needs in order to keep up with all the other online businesses around you.

Some of the most sought after items this holiday season include:

His/Hers Products: Whether it is mugs, bath robes, or car accessories, his/hers gifts are a big hit for newly engaged or married couples, grandparents, and more. By offering a variety of items that can be sold as a bundled pair, you can increase your profits, while offering a more comprehensive gift option to your customers.

Personalized Products: Adding personalization to your products offers another layer of service to your business and can help customers feel more inclined to purchase from you. Personalization can be done on a variety of children’s or adult items, from t-shirts and hats to water bottles and coffee mugs. 

Holiday Decor: More than any other time of the year, during the holiday season, consumers are willing to pay for cute, seasonal decor that fits in line with their holiday celebrations. Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or general winter items, you can expect a lot of traffic by offering a variety of decor items.

Winter Accessories: From hand-knit beanies and scarves to luxurious winter coats and jackets, winter accessories and apparel are big hits this time of year and will help you bring in a wide variety of customers to your online store.

It is also critical to note that with current supply chain and shipping demands, you must only offer products that you can ensure will arrive on time to your customers. Review your current inventory, check on estimated shipping times, and always be transparent with customers should you run out of an item or feel you will not be able to fulfill their order before Christmas.

Would you like more tips for your ecommerce business? Contact us at Mar Dat to learn more.

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