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Health Cloud Services by Mar Dat

Mar Dat’s health care automation team in Atlanta offers a health cloud service, specifically developed to improve the overall efficacy of your ability to connect with patients meaningfully, enhance engagement, and drive superior health services. A dedicated health cloud leverages the power of Salesforce to provide comprehensive digital marketing strategies. And our Atlanta-based health cloud team at Mar Dat ensures you are able to harness the full potential of our services and our partnership with Salesforce.

Personalization at Its Core

Integrating data from multiple sources, our team in Atlanta can use your CRM and EHR systems to forge a complete patient profile. This foundation allows for highly targeted communication, ensuring your messages are relevant and engaging. We specialize in segmenting patients by their various criteria, such as demographics, health conditions, and behaviors—which allows you to personalize patient communications across multiple channels. Our automated systems include personalized emails, SMS, documents, and tasks, easing the ability for you to guide patients through a smooth and informative system. Our multi-channel approach ensures you can engage patients through their preferred channels.

Elevating Patient Engagement

Mar Dat understands the importance of proactive patient engagement. We facilitate automated outreach efforts like appointment reminders, educational content, and preventive care messages tailored to the needs of your patients. We’ve also streamlined the processes of collecting patient feedback through surveys and polls, helping you understand patient satisfaction levels and to improve care quality. The health cloud services our Atlanta experts offer will enable two-way communication, allowing patients to easily inquire, schedule appointments, and manage their health information through our secure online portals or chatbots.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

The health cloud services we offer from Atlanta will automate numerous repetitive healthcare tasks, from appointment reminders to patient education, freeing your staff for other essential work. Our solution centralizes campaign management across all channels, which provides better efficiency and a higher return on investment.

Commitment to Compliance and Security

By adhering to HIPAA regulations, Mar Dat guarantees the protection and responsible use of patient data and ensures compliance with healthcare privacy laws. Our secure platform and rigorous security measures safeguard patient information against unauthorized access. Audit trails and comprehensive reporting allow you to keep track of all marketing activities and patient interactions, further supporting compliance and reporting requirements.

Built to Scale

Our health cloud services in Atlanta are designed to grow with your organization wherever you are. Whether accommodating an expanding patient base or complementing more sophisticated marketing campaigns, our scalable solutions ensure you’re always on target. Our seamless integration with existing healthcare IT systems simplifies and reinforces workflow efficiency and data sharing.

Streamline Campaign Management With Martonomy, Developed by Mar Dat

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Build and manage standardized campaign taxonomies with ease, ensuring everyone uses the right naming conventions across teams and segments. Martonomy seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Core products, so you can download reports for any platform while keeping your taxonomy centralized and accessible.

Plus, say goodbye to error-prone manual processes. Martonomy automates taxonomy management, minimizing errors and streamlining your entire campaign workflow with built-in approvals for added accuracy. Unleash the power of consistent, efficient marketing with Martonomy.

Contact our team in Atlanta today for a demo of these digital marketing tools and see how Martonomy can revolutionize your marketing strategies and your campaign management.

Give Your Digital Marketing a Shot in the Arm With Mar Dat

Mar Dat brings unmatched expertise in Salesforce training and implementation to your digital marketing efforts. We are your partner in achieving greater efficiencies and better health outcomes. Our comprehensive health cloud services are developed to meet—and often exceed—the current needs of healthcare organizations and help you anticipate future demands to ensure your long-term success and improved patient care.

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