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GDPR: No, Your IT Department Can’t Handle it Alone

GDPR. Four little letters to some, but a big deal when it comes to data. You’re likely all too familiar with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and its impact on your organization.

But complying with GDPR is just the beginning. A wave of data privacy updates and regulations across the globe continue to evolve as a result of GDPR enforcement, with companies working to stay compliant and remain so into 2020 and beyond.

It may seem like a never-ending cycle: review, revise, and start again. But what if instead of “reacting” to ever-increasing regulations you “proactively” work to protect data? To do so, I believe it requires more than implementation from your IT department. Here’s why:

1. Members of your IT department aren’t regulatory experts: Compliance and oversight of any kind aren’t actually tech issues, they’re the responsibility of the business as a whole, from the C-suite to legal and beyond. Think of it this way: when it comes to data, IT supports your organization by acting on compliance issues, but leadership owns it. This makes teamwork essential. Plus, if you discover your team lacks the insight or resources to move forward with effective regulatory compliance, you can do something about it before you’re forced to play catch up. This may include reassigning tasks or bringing in outside help.

2. It’s a company-wide initiative: In order to protect your data successfully both now and in the future, every department must make data-informed decisions. Educate employees on how data both enables and impacts your business and establish a culture from the top down that informs and prioritizes data regulatory practices. This way, it will be a part of everything from marketing plans and customer relations to future acquisitions, as well as make responding to additional regulations easier

3. You’ll be a leader of the regulatory compliance era: This truly is a new era of data governance, and regulations will continue to evolve well past the latest policies. This means everyone will pay attention to your response. If your company makes data protection a priority from the top down it has the potential to positively sway the opinion of your investors, your customers, and even potential employees.

GDPR and the wave of subsequent regulations aren’t going anywhere, and more are sure to come. So take time to prioritize data-informed decisions at all levels of your organization. Need help? My team and I can work with you to design and implement a strategy for the business side of data compliance so your company can continue to thrive.

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