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Coronavirus and Your Business: How Creativity Can Get You Through Uncertain Times

With the sudden challenges to business due to the coronavirus, many businesses, including our own, are facing a lot of uncertainty. We know, however, that by coming together and focusing on the right things we can not only survive through these tough times but also position ourselves to be stronger once they are over. With this in mind, each of us has to figure out how to engage with our customers and stay relevant in their minds. For Mar Dat, it is a time to help our customers weather the storm by doing what we do best.

With a large portion of the population now in isolation at home, businesses must creatively rework their approach to engaging customers and, with so many people connecting digitally, a new engagement strategy is necessary. Even though doing this seems forced upon us due to the current circumstances with COVID-19, this new strategy can and should be used once things return to a more normal state as well. We can learn a lot from other businesses, such as gyms that can no longer offer in-house classes and have moved online, and at the same time incorporate keeping their members connected and supportive with after class video chats. Larger businesses are sending technicians to customers virtually using webcams and free collaboration tools.

Like these businesses, this is a time to strengthen the bond with your customers to let them know that you understand, that you care, and that you will be there for them. We are all facing adversity amidst the coronavirus pandemic and now is the time for us to come together, get creative, and lean on each other to weather this storm so that we are wiser and stronger once it is over. Some of the best things we can recommend to create a new business model or revamp your current one are:

1) Listen to your customers and adapt: People are stuck at home during social distancing, which is driving up internet usage. Now is the time to look at your leading indicators to see where you should focus your efforts. What are your customers asking for? Without being able to go out to the movies or other events, people turn to online shopping and ordering takeout to keep them going. If your online store has an uptick in orders for puzzles and crafts for kids, lean on that. The best use of your time right now is focusing on what already works best for your business.

2) Don’t try to boil the ocean – the best ideas are the simplest ones: Time isn’t on anyone’s side right now. With schools cancelled, sports in hiatus, and many other events on pause, the best thing you can do is gather your best, hardworking, healthy talent and ask their assistance on how to logistically adjust. Many of your team members will surprise you.

3) Use the resources that you have on hand: Now is not the time to create new recipes, fabricate new products, or spend unnecessary money. Instead, leverage your current tool set and focus on quality over quantity. That project you have been putting off because you need extra time to revamp something? Now is the opportunity!

4) Breathe, you will get through this: Together, with compassion, love, patience, and creativity, we will all get through this.

At Mar Dat, we are a business like you and we understand how the effects of the virus can impact the profitability of your business and the health of you, your staff, and loved ones. We want to let you know that you are not alone in this struggle and we are here to help in any way we can. With the importance of a digital presence during this time, turn to us for SEO, PPC, social media management, Facebook ads, and more. Please join us in helping everyone stay strong and keep their brands relevant during this difficult time and contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

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