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Diamonds Direct - recently acquired by Blackstone,

is a leading independent U.S. independent jewelry retailer with well-established history in diamond sales and jewelry manufacturing. In the past seven years, the company has grown from one location in Charlotte, NC to a multi-channel retailer with seven locations across the US complimented by an online commerce storefront.

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Trending forward Diamonds Direct noted their consumers increasingly trusted expensive product purchases through their digital store and this, coupled with acceleration due to the COVID-19 health emergency, presented a significant revenue growth opportunity.


With the overall company growth trend and multiple marketing channels leveraged, Diamonds Direct initiated a company-wide transformation initiative to fuel transparency and metrics across all channels with the goal of driving omni-channel revenue growth, extending customer lifespan and identifying digital brand/product affinity audiences with more transparency. They identified the need to engage a consulting team focused on delivering these executables in a lean model that was both fast and efficient while limiting distractions across the Diamonds Direct team.


Diamonds Direct’s leadership team commissioned Mar Dat to provide direction on how to best pursue this new executive goal via modernizing customer journeys, and deliver a digital strategy roadmap that included a refined digital marketing operating model complete with KPIs, audience demographic enhancements, and key support required from a CRM to hold it all together. In addition, Mar Dat delivered an organizational structure architected to lead Diamonds Direct into its digital future. 


Mar Dat’s methodology followed its data-driven approach by first formally defining the business challenges the organization was facing across people, process, and technology considerations. Then common use cases were defined from the multiple existing cross-channel customer journey data points.  This information was acquired from both online and offline historical marketing data, audience and customer data interactions, as well as existing KPIs across each channel and evaluation of information gaps.

From this, Mar Dat delivered an operating model for Diamonds Direct’s digital marketing management and requirements recommendations for structuring a CRM to support effective management of the customer journey in both the in-store and digital realms as well as provide reporting for optimal insights. Additionally, Mar Dat provided a SEO and PPC audit to assess Diamonds Direct’s agency spend effectiveness. Mar Dat also delivered an integration roadmap and human resource recommendation as a result of the CRM integration to run and maintain all business engagements. As well as the company consumer interactions ongoing post a marketing reformation.


With Diamonds Direct CEO’s sign off, Mar Dat guided the leadership team through the recommendations to fully cement a divisional understanding of the future digital roadmap.

Mar Dat’s consulting assignment was completed in 6 weeks.

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