Layers of data access — business, service provider, and third party

Take it from Shrek…onions, ogres, and organizational data all have layers. Okay, I may have added that last one in, but it’s true! There are layers…

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What can we learn from the Strathmore College breach?

You may have heard me say before that your cybersecurity is only as strong as your team. And your team is made up of real humans…

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Privacy Laws Popping Up in Different States

Did you know that it’s illegal to share your Netflix password in Tennessee? It might sound crazy, but thanks to the 2011 “Login Law” it’s absolutely…

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What Can We Learn From The Adobe Hack?

Does a skeleton key have any place in cybersecurity? This might seem like an obvious answer to some, but you’d be surprised by the corporate giants…

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1997 vs Now: Real Names & Screen Names

Remember 1997? It was the year that gave us Titanic, MmmBop, and a clear winner at the forefront of a brand new technology: AOL Instant Messenger….

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Data Lakes

Do you have a data lake or a data swamp on your hands? For #datanerds like me, it’s interesting to see how collecting data is rarely…

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