Coronavirus and Your Business: How Creativity Can Get You Through Uncertain Times

By Love | March 24, 2020

With the sudden challenges to business due to the coronavirus, many businesses, including our own, are facing a lot of uncertainty.? We know, however, that by coming together and focusing on the right things we can not only survive through these tough times but also position ourselves to be stronger once they are over.? With […]

Benefits of Social Media for Brand Marketers

By Love | March 13, 2020

It is no secret that brand marketers turn to social media sites for establishing themselves as a competitor in the market. With the different features now offered by social media sites, such as the live video feature by Facebook or the story feature by Instagram, marketers can get creative and grow their business. However, there […]

Successful Mergers and Acquisitions Don?t Forget About the Data

By Love | December 19, 2019

For years study after study have confirmed that mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve desired results.? Part of this is strategy, but an equally big part is execution and, within execution, there?s one reason for these failures that I have seen overlooked time and time again:? the business-critical data. Through my experience with multiple mergers, […]

Your Private Life Might Be Way More Public Than You Know

By Love | December 3, 2019

In many ways, my career has been defined by the convergence of data and technology. Former roles have included serving as the Director of Customer Success for Salesforce as well as the Global Director of Programmatic Marketing & Data Governance with InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG): I?ve worked at the highest-level of strategies for major Fortune […]

Don’t Blink: All you need to know about CPREA

By Love | November 6, 2019

Just when you thought you were ready for CCPA, it may be time for more changes. That?s because a new initiative could be on the California voter ballot in November 2020. The California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act of 2020, or CPREA, will revise and expand CCPA in an effort to prevent amendments that undermine […]

GDPR: No, Your IT Department Can?t Handle it Alone

By Love | October 20, 2019

GDPR. Four little letters to some, but a big deal when it comes to data. You?re likely all too familiar with the EU?s General Data Protection Regulation and its impact on your organization. But complying with GDPR is just the beginning. A wave of data privacy updates and regulations across the globe continue to evolve […]

4 Reasons Why Data Backup is Good for Business

By Love | October 11, 2019

One of my favorite things about my job is helping my clients explore new ways to improve their organization. Recently, I helped one company protect their most valuable asset ? their data. They needed a comprehensive data backup plan and they didn?t want to use one of the many existing tools on the market, be […]

Join me at PrivSec New York this 5th & 6th November

By Love | October 8, 2019

EVENT DETAILS: Address: Lerner Hall, Columbia University, New York Date: Tuesday 5th November 2019 & Wednesday 6th November 2019 Hope to see you and have the opportunity to speak with you at @PrivSecEvents this November – #PrivSecNY covering data privacy, security, governance and cyber delivered by leading experts including myself. For Questions, Press Release, or […]

Layers of data access — business, service provider, and third party

By Love | August 12, 2019

Take it from Shrek?onions, ogres, and organizational data all have layers. Okay, I may have added that last one in, but it?s true! There are layers within any organization that both service providers and third-parties have access to — and understanding them is key. Think about the last time you got a check-up at the […]

What can we learn from the Strathmore College breach?

By Love | August 12, 2019

You may have heard me say before that your cybersecurity is only as strong as your team. And your team is made up of real humans with real imperfections that like to show up when it?s a real problem. Take a look at what happened at the Melbourne-based Strathmore College, which accidentally released more than […]

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