About Us

Leadership and execution for large-scale, data-driven initiatives

Active globally, Mar Dat helps marketing leaders identify and utilize the highest quality data, maintain compliance, and broadcast their success to the C-suite.

Who We Are

Consultants who deliver scalable marketing-IT integration and data processes

Our Mission

Empower leaders with data, knowledge, control, and confidence over all digital and data dependent activities

What We Do

Deliver value through accelerated processes and a marketing technology stack powered by relevant data and actionable, repeatable and compliant practices

Our Story

Following more than 20 years of combined experience as marketing and data management leaders, we founded Mar Dat to help executive leaders and CMOs make sense of their data and deliver accelerated and repeatable results. Together, we offer expertise developed and honed in executive leadership positions at Salesforce, Coca-Cola, Cox Enterprises, Booz Allen Hamilton, and IHG.

We make data work for everyone

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  • For the C-Suite

    Know with confidence that data is relevant and enables your teams to follow all best practices and deliver measurable value across the C-suite.

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  • For Marketing Teams

    Develop data-driven campaigns, audiences, personas, roadmaps, and reporting while uniting your efforts with IT and analytics teams.

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  • For IT Teams

    Integrate marketing technologies seamlessly across the organization with well established industry expertise.

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  • For Analytics Teams

    Get the data you need, create useful dashboards, and understand data output to ensure clear translation to internal teams and partners.

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  • For Partners

    Deploy consistent, unified technologies and operating models across organizations to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and global compliance.

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  • For the Enterprise

    Enable the digital capabilities of Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations and other business functions via relevant, actionable and well governed data.

Love Hudson, President/CEO

  • I align people and technology.

    Maximizing ROI via innovative strategies and the delivery of valuable knowledge to the C-suite – that’s how I help companies take full advantage of their marketing data.

    As Director of Customer Success at Salesforce, I implemented global marketing technology plans and data management platforms for large companies, including Turner and Coca-Cola. Before that, I served as Director of Programmatic Marketing and Data Governance for IHG and spent 8 years at Cox Enterprises in various roles, including Director of Digital-Display for the Cox Media Group.


Robert Maggio, Director of Operations

  • I take a holistic approach to data.

    And to pursue a holistic approach, I apply Rob’s Law: Data and business process are inextricable. You can’t change one without affecting the other.

    As Program Director of Master Data Harmonization at Coca-Cola, I spearheaded efforts to unlock value where strategic transformation, business process, technology, and data converge. These projects involved aligning C-level executives with a multi-year roadmap for data stewardship, data technology implementation, data quality management, and the enablement of data-dependent business initiatives.

    I’ve been told by one partner that I was using data to make companies successful with the Internet of Things before anyone even called it the “Internet of Things.”

Transform your data ecosystem

Pursue global, data-driven marketing campaigns with the metrics, teams, and processes you need for maximum impact.