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5 Things Every Customer Wants

The goal of every business is to attract loyal customers and sell a product/service. For ecommerce stores, you have to compete with thousands of businesses online, often making it difficult to win over customers, especially if you sell a product that is really popular.

What makes the difference for successful ecommerce companies though is catering to their current and prospective customers with the things that matter most to them.

All customers are looking for something that will fulfill a need, whether it be a winter coat or a trip to Cancun. The key to attracting these people to your ecommerce shop and keeping them as repeat customers is giving them what they want.

What Do Customers Want? 

Customers want to find a product that meets their needs, but they also want to buy that product from a retailer that gives them the most value and is the most reputable. Most commonly we hear from customers that they want to see an online business which has:

  1. Coupons/Reward Programs: Nothing breeds loyalty amongst customers better than rewarding them for shopping with you. From coupons and promotions to reward programs and loyalty points, you can entice customers to pick you over the competition by providing a greater value than other brands.
  2. Custom Shopping Experience: Just like feeling that shopping with you will earn them points and provide them with value, customers that are able to receive a custom shopping experience will be more inclined to purchase from your ecommerce store in the future. If you sell curtains, for example, offer an option for customers to see what it will look like in their home, right from their phone or tablet. Little touches like this can make the difference between simply having a user on your site versus gaining a customer who has made a purchase.
  3. Free Shipping: It’s no secret that shipping has become a crux for many businesses. Trying to keep up with titans like Amazon is incredibly difficult for small business owners as shipping costs have increased. Although it is an additional cost for your company, providing ways for customers to earn free shipping is a great way to earn their loyalty.
  4. Reviews/Testimonials: For buyers, reading positive, authentic online reviews and testimonials is the defining reason for them to make a purchase. When prospective customers can read how good your product is or how outstanding your service team was about resolving an issue, it can make all the difference in whether you make a sale. It is important for you to have plenty of areas set up for customers to leave reviews, and it is equally important to respond to reviews and solicit them from customers, so that people can see how your company responds.
  5. Stress-Free Returns: Buying online comes with the unfortunate caveat of not always liking what you saw on a website, once it actually arrives in person. As an ecommerce retailer, it is important for you to provide customers with a stress-free way to return products, should it not meet their satisfaction. This can include offering free shipping on returns, such as pre-printed return labels, and offering a variety of options including full refund of purchase price, product exchange, or store credit.

Would you like more helpful tips on appealing to customers in the ecommerce space? The expert advisors at Mar Dat are here to guide you through all the best tools for ecommerce marketing. Contact us today to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation.

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