Supercharge Your Marketing: The Unleashed Power of Salesforce’s Einstein Behavior Scoring Tool

Every business shares the common goal of unlocking the full potential of their marketing investment. But the common question is how can this be achieved? We believe the answer lies in uncovering the power of Einstein Behavior Score (EBS) within Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement platform (Pardot). EBS is the key to better understanding your prospects’ purchase readiness, recognizing your Return on Investment (ROI), and generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). In this blog post, we’ll explore EBS and uncover the secrets to success with this AI enabled tool.

Use Cases of Einstein Behavior Score: Your Marketing Swiss Army Knife

1. Precision Segmentation

Imagine wielding a laser-focused marketing strategy that speaks directly to your prospects’ needs. EBS enables this precision. By incorporating EBS as a criterion in your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement automations, you can automatically create precise prospect segments. Picture crafting segmentation rules, automation rules, dynamic lists, and engagement studio campaigns based on EBS scores. With this level of segmentation precision, your marketing efforts will hit the mark everytime.

2. Supercharging Sales Effectiveness

The success of your sales team hinges on identifying the hottest leads and timely notifications. EBS has you covered! You can establish rules that automatically assign and notify your sales team when a prospect reaches a specific EBS score threshold. But wait, there’s more – you can display the Einstein Behavior Score and its rationale on lists and layouts to offer your sales team valuable insights into what’s driving the scores.

3. Elevating Email Marketing

Email marketing is an art, and EBS is your brush to paint a masterpiece. Use EBS scores for audience segmentation by crafting dynamic lists. These lists become your secret weapon when creating list emails and email studio nurturing campaigns. With EBS-driven targeting, you will witness a surge in MQLs.

4. Gauging Buyer Readiness

Imagine having the ability to peer into a prospect’s mind and assess their purchase readiness. EBS delivers this superpower. It reveals how closely a lead aligns with your most successful conversion patterns, empowering you to tailor your marketing strategies with pinpoint accuracy.

5. Uncovering Success Drivers

Dive into the B2B EBS Dashboard and unearth the driving force behind your marketing triumphs. Gain insights into which activities and assets that drive purchase decisions. Armed with this knowledge, you can refine your marketing actions, replicate winning strategies, and make data-driven improvements.

6. Streamlining Prospect Qualification

Bid farewell to the traditional methods of lead qualification. EBS is your ticket to a more refined approach.

How to Generate MQLs Using EBS: The 8-Step Blueprint

Steps to harness the power of EBS for MQL generation:

1. Set up EBS: Optimize the EBS configuration within your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement instance for your prospecting needs.

2. Define EBS Thresholds: Establish clear EBS thresholds to categorize prospects as Hot, Warm, or Cold:
– Hot: EBS > 70
– Warm: EBS between 50 and 70
– Cold: EBS < 50

3. Refine MQL Criteria: Use Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Score and Grade for MQL identification. Then, gradually transition to a hybrid model blending EBS with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Grade as your EBS scores mature.

4. Define Auto Assignment and Notifications: Create rules for auto-assignment and notifications based on EBS scores. For example, prospects with an EBS score > 60 can be automatically assigned to sales and trigger notifications.

5. Segment, Nurture, Qualify, and Improve: The key for a continuous cycle of success.

6. Create Dynamic Lists: Combine EBS with other criteria such as location or practice specialty to create dynamic lists. Leverage these dynamic lists as your arsenal for laser-focused marketing.

7. Engagement Studio Programs: Envision engagement studio programs tailored to various prospect segments. Utilize EBS scores or EBS-based dynamic lists to fuel your lead nurturing campaigns.

8. Qualify Prospects Automatically: Set up automation to automatically qualify prospects as MQLs based on your defined criteria. You can auto-assign these MQLs to sales queues and create notifications for assigned users.

Conclusion: Your Journey to Marketing Excellence

Einstein Behavior Score is your compass on the path to marketing excellence. By strategically integrating EBS into your lead management process, you’ll experience not only a higher ROI but also a surge in MQLs. It’s the secret sauce that will supercharge your marketing campaigns.

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